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Libro de visitas

23/04/19 08:26:06
The brain is like a motor. It needs oil in the form of nutrition, with time it stutters and might require a repair. That said, the only major difference here is that unlike the engine of a device, the brain cannot be replaced. And since it is such an important organ, even the slightest damage to it can have unbearable consequences on the rest of the system.
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Living to a ripe old age is one of the main goals we have in life. However, the achy bones and joints that come with being elderly are certainly no joke. Those squeaky, creaky joints and the flashes of agony can seriously mess with our heads as well as our bodies. We may be able to see our grandchildren, but not play with them. Just sitting huddled and afraid of pain is no way to lead our golden years, is it? Of course, joints pain is not just an issue for the elderly. The same aches and pains can happen if we’re overweight, lead a non-active lifestyle, or have poor eating habits. Needless to say, our modern lifestyles make for a very high possibility of joint pain if not now, then in the near future.
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